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Did you happen to watch 60 Minutes last night?  There was a segment called “The Influencers”.   Correspondent Bill Whitaker reported about the newest trend in advertising – social media influencers.  We’ve all seen or heard about Kim Kardashian, as well as many others, and… Read More
Advertising’s Newest Medium: Social Media Influencers
Facebook Live: Everything You Need to Know
Facebook Live: Everything You Need to Know
Shoreline Web Marketing wishes you a safe and happy Fourth of July holiday. As we celebrate this Independence Day, let’s take time to remember those who are serving our country at home and abroad and especially those who have made the ultimate sacrifice to… Read More
Happy Independence Day!
it’s important.  Period.
Enjoy your transgender bathrooms. We just lost America.
Kyle S. Reyes | May 17, 2016

While you were fighting over who should use what bathrooms at Target, we lost our country.

While you were arguing with coworkers over who would leave the country first if… Read More
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