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it’s important.  Period.
Enjoy your transgender bathrooms. We just lost America.
Kyle S. Reyes | May 17, 2016

While you were fighting over who should use what bathrooms at Target, we lost our country.

While you were arguing with coworkers over who would leave the country first if… Read More
I’m Sharing This Post Because…
Throughout the year, Google has been toying with a feature that lets people or groups post short bits of text directly and instantly into Google searches. Along with the text, those participating can put in an image, video and link.

Sound familiar?

It should, because it’s currently called Twitter. Worse… Read More
Google’s test to let media publish directly in search can’t be great news for Twitter
Shoreline Web Marketing is proud to announce the re-launch of Coastal Seas Kennels.  Based in San Diego, Coco Worrell is a renowned dog trainer and breeder of Newfoundlands.  … Read More
New Website Launch – Coastal Seas Kennels
The Big Bear Freeriders team is excited to announce the launch of its new website:  Laura Johnson of Shoreline Web Marketing in conjunction with Ali Hyde teamed up to build this site devoted to the Freeride Mountain Bike Team.

… Read More
New Website Launch – Big Bear Freeriders

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