Social Media Marketing

Engage and expand your audience across the web with social media marketing.

Social media is more than marketing’s ‘latest thing’; social media is here to stay. Social media marketing gives you the opportunity to engage with your audience, share content with them and build their trust.

Google has gone back and forth with the importance of social media in its search algorithms but one thing remains true: your social media profile will show up in a Google search. So, there’s no doubt that your social profiles matter to Google and especially to people who are looking for you online.

Also, people use social media channels, in addition to Google and Bing, when searching for things. A few active social channels can make the experience of getting to know your brand online more fun, engaging and personal. Also, while some may consider Google+ a non-essential social channel, marketers shouldn’t discount the fact that a company’s Google+ profile is one of the first things a searcher will see (and potentially click on). As such, it pays to have a profile with up-to-date info and engaging content.

Let Shoreline Digital Marketing help you build a social media strategy that works for your business.